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About Us

Since 1988 Shore Orthopedic & Athletic Rehabilitation (S.O.A.R. Physical Therapy) has been widely regarded as a leading expert in the field of orthopedic physical therapy. Our goal is to return our patients to their normal activities as quickly as possible, at work and at home, fully functional and pain-free. We emphasize patient education to prevent a recurrence of your problem and to avoid associated disorders to which you may be susceptible. When disease or accident prevents a full recovery, we teach you the skills needed to manage limitations while maximizing your function.

Only You Should Choose Your Physical Therapist …. so Why Choose Us?

S.O.A.R. Physical Therapy was established in 1988 to fulfill a need for specialized orthopedic rehabilitation to the residents of Southern Monmouth and Northern Ocean Counties, NJ. Characteristics that distinguish S.O.A.R. from many area practices include:

  • SOAR Physical Therapy is owned by physical therapists

    Despite self-referral conflict of interest potentials, some physical therapy facilities are owned by physicians. Despite profit driven motives, some physical therapy facilities are owned by corporate health care chains and other lay ownership models. Neither is practicing their profession nor is subject to sanctions or loss of PT licensure by the NJ Board of Physical Therapy Examiners should they fail to act in your best interest. We see many patients after they leave such facilities because of dissatisfaction with the amount of attention received, inadequate quality of care or unsatisfactory results obtained from those visits. As a physical therapist owned facility that provides only licensed physical therapists to care for our patients you will only be treated here by people practicing their own profession and are subject to all of the consumer protection guidelines of the NJ Board of Physical Therapy Examiners. And in today’s health care environment where so many people have arbitrary benefit limits in their health plans, you have no time to waste on anything less than the best care you can receive. In 1998 the Practice Committee of the New Jersey Chapter of The American Physical Therapy Association studied the experiences of licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants working in all types of clinical settings. The study demonstrated that costs were lower and quality standards like the amount of time available to work with their patients were substantially better in physical therapy facilities that were owned by physical therapists.

  • For Your Protection:

    In New Jersey, regardless of ownership, physical therapy treatments must be provided only by a licensed physical therapist or licensed physical therapist assistant (working under the direct supervision of a physical therapist). While not being trained in physical therapy, it is legal for physicians to bill for services typically provided by physical therapists, but only if they perform the service themselves, not their employees. Regardless of who owns the facility, it is never legal for care (hands-on or instructional) to be given by an unlicensed employee (anyone other than a licensed physical therapist, physical therapist assistant or physician). They have no formal training in providing physical therapy and it is potentially dangerous to the patient. Inappropriate as it may be, this is one way that many facilities maximize their profits even at the cost of their patient’s well being. Such behavior is illegal and should be reported to:New Jersey State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners 24 Halsey Street Newark, NJ 07102 (973) 504-6455

  • SOAR Physical Therapists have more expertise

    At SOAR, our staff of physical therapists have 3 decades of combined experience. All have clinical doctorates and advanced post-graduate training and certification. Continuing education is mandatory for everyone and financially supported by S.O.A.R. Two principle therapists are credentialed by the McKenzie Institute for their expertise in mechanical diagnosis and therapy of the spine and extremities. All of our patients get the benefit of this experience through our weekly participation in rounds, where patient cases are internally reviewed and critiqued by all of our therapists.

  • SOAR Physical Therapists are all members of the American Physical Therapy Association

    As members of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), each of our therapists are continuously in compliance with the Associations Code of Ethics. We contribute to the growth and development of our profession and safeguard the care of physical therapy consumers. None of these things are required by licensure or the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs.